AT LAST! A second hand uniform website to support you and your community

AT LAST! A second hand uniform website to support you and your community

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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Save Money and SHARE: 8 ways.

Save Money and SHARE: 8 ways. recommends sharing to save money and FindAUniform made it on the list..check out other great Aussie Collaborative consumption sites !

Monday, October 29, 2012

Now is the perfect time to buy second hand uniforms - just ask Cheryl!

If you promised yourself on the first of January  to be more organised and save money - now is the perfect time to follow through with your resolution! With winter uniforms no longer needed and the shock that summer uniforms don't fit for Term 4 - now is the time to ask for what uniforms you need for next year.

You can score what you need at a great second hand uniform price - just ask Cheryl who spent $400 on whole school uniforms for her son to cover nearly all of high school - saving $$$s on FindAUniform (email from South Coast NSW) and all this from a simple google search of her son's school name and second hand uniform :

Hi Bernadette,
 I contacted Donna and purchased all that she had. Thank you so much for making it possible, I got what I wanted and needed, got it  a great price and I also helped the environment. Keep up the great work!!
I'll be spreading the word about your site ( .
Thanks again,

So get asking friends, place wanted ads on websites and ask in the school playground - before you know it you will have organised yourself and your family for the new school year - keeping your resolution and ensuring a stress free January! (Remember second hand uniforms are not just for school - dance, sport and hobbies included too!)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Collaborative Consumption - what is it all about?

You have heard about Collaborative Consumption but want to know more... check out Unashamedly Creative's blog for a great, practical explanation using the fab renting site OpenShed as an example.
Unashamedly Creative - Collaborative what now?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Second hand Uniforms - Why Not? (Guest blog on Open Shed)

How many times have you asked if a school, club or organisation has second hand uniforms available? Check out FindAUniform's recent guest blog for Open Shed.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween can help build community spirit

I am just back from Trick or Treating with the kids. Don't get me wrong - I was not a fan of the American tradition starting to gain momentum in Australia until tonight...........

I only let the kids go up and down our street and the next one along because we knew people there - they scored heaps of lollies and enjoyed the neighbour hood kid's company. I was amazed that the little gesture of knocking on someone's door broke down the barriers for the adults to actually meet each other - I introduced myself to many of previously unknown neighbours - it felt nice. I also learnt where some senior members of the community live - they were so excited when the kids visited and they were prepared - I wonder how many visitors they get? I now know to keep a look out to see if they are okay and even if it is only a friendly wave when we pass on the street. Tonight I learnt that Halloween gets us out of our houses to say hi to our neighbours - and obviously the lollies are a bonus for the kids - everything in moderation!

So it got me thinking Halloween is great at dusting off bits and pieces for dress ups- you don't need to buy anything (my kids:pirate, monster chef, batman, wizard maiden) - you can invent, recycle and be creative. Halloween helps foster community spirit by getting to know one another and learning the importance of the friendly street wave - it may be the one contact someone in your street has that day.

Love it or hate it - Halloween is here to stay and will probably only grow bigger - so why not take a positive slant on it and get to building your neighbourly spirit (sorry bad pun I know)!

So Happy Halloween from FindAUniform (recent convert)!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

5 Top tips for choosing a dance school

I am no expert stage mother but most girls want to do the ballet or the dance thing when they are little. We are heading into the final school term for the year (Australia) and in about 6-8 weeks is when dance class bookings will be confirmed for 2012.

So I thought I would share with you my 5 top tips, in no particular order, when I am looking for a dance school:

1.  Location.

  • Is the dance studio location to school and home convenient? 
  • Is there plenty of parking?
2.  Fees. 

  • How much does a dance term cost? Are there discounts for taking more than one class or are there family discounts?
  • Remember when deciding between dance schools - compare not only the term fee but also the cost of any compulsory uniforms - are you restricted to one dance supplies shop? can you buy generic? do they run a second hand uniform box/store/noticeboard to make the compulsory shoes and uniforms more affordable?

3.  Timetable. 

  • Does the timetable and type of dance suit your families schedule?
  • Are there other children that you know going to the dance school (great for car pooling and social)?
  • Does the timetable allow for extension/performance/solo classes?

4. End of Year Concert.

  • What is the cost of the end of year concert?
  • How much is the costume hire? 
  • How many compulsory performances? 
  • How much do the tickets cost?
  • How much time required to take off from school for your child to attend rehearsals?
  • Are extra weekends required for rehearsals or dance photos? 

5.   Teachers and reputation. 

  • What qualifications do the teachers hold?
  • Do the teachers maintain order and safety in the class?
  • Do the teachers check that the children are picked up by a parent/carer at the end of the lesson?
  • Is the dance school registered with appropriate examination boards for the progression in chosen form of dance?
Have fun choosing a dance school for your little princes and princesses! Please add your tips below.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

5 top tips so you can plan and unplan your School holidays!

Wow! Only just over a week (or two for other states) until school holidays - how quickly 3/4 of the year has scurried past!

School holidays are all about doing everything and doing nothing. I thought I would share my 5 top tips  to make the most of school holidays.

1. Family Pow Wow to form a wish list. Do diaries with your kids. See what they would like to do. School holidays are all about balance - free stuff, fun stuff, necessary stuff and doing nothing stuff. Write down all the suggestions under these four headings and you are on your way to do everything balancing with lots of nothing for an enjoyable school holidays.

2. Plan a pyjama day and just stay at home to play with your own toys. Chill out and have an upside down dinner (breakie for dinner) to give the chef a break!

3. Plan a de-clutter day - get stuck into those hidden places and see if you and the kids can find anything to sell - great incentive for budding entrepeneurs to clean their rooms! Pack away winter stuff and air out the summer stuff. Keep in mind what you won't need next year and don't pack it away (uniforms and textbooks can go straight onto 

4. Book the necessary appointments - dentist, hairdressers, chiropractors, immunisations etc. If you are too late - ask to go on the waitlist so that you can get a quick call if there is a cancellation. Take the music, dance, tutoring places up on their offers of free lesson or free trial for something different (and free) for the kids to try.

5.  Break in routine. School holidays are all about a break in routine to refresh and recharge you and your family. If you have to work ,  try and take 1 day off - you will feel better for a mini-break. If you cannot get away from the daily grind - try to enjoy not having homework to do or lunches to make- maybe play a board game with the kids instead of watching tv.

These are the little things I do to ensure that there is a good balance of something and nothing, free and paid, home and away activities and clean house vs chaos! I write out each day in a list - that way I can plan my nothing and be ready for anything. Enjoy your family this school holidays!